MAPITOM der event agentur

European Day of Jewish Culture former community Mattersdorf/Mattersburg video > 1 2
es bleibt dabei founding member of the civil movement for president Van der Bellen photos >
Jonas Reindl Moot Meeting Point next to Juridicum - Best Coffee in Town photos >
Help for refugees from Iraq, Syria and Egypt photos >
Palais Eschenbach Welcome in Vienna photos >
Bermuda Bräu Goulash Dinner photos >
MA PITOM goes Aux Gazelles daily get-together of congress participants photos > 1 2 3 4 5
Farewell Party Bollwerk photos >
Vernissage Dvora Barzilai "Hatikva" Images of hebrew bible texts photos >
Musical Fiddler on the Roof Consulting of Operetta Festival Mörbisch photos >
Feyerabende receptions, weddings, charities, family events, and more photos >
Geh Denken commemoration of 13th March 1938 photos > 1 2      videos > 1 2
Tonight: Lola Blau Georg Kreisler Kultursaal Deutschkreutz photos >            video >
Monument Deutschkreutz-Zelem in memory of the former Jewish Community photos >            video >
School in India supporting the Hope Shanti School in Khajuraho photos >
Charity organization "Help and Hope" auxiliary transports to Rumania photos >
Conference at the City Hall lawyer from all over the world photos >
Peacecamp farewell party of the Israeli-Palestinian-Austrian summer camp photos >
Art in the garden summer festival of culture next to the Ruprechtskirche photos >
We're different and that's beautiful poster campaign for more multicultural diversity  
Bookcrossing 2500 free books going on a journey photos >            video >
Hadassah concerts and readings for the benefit of the medical organization across countries photos >
Carnival at the "Bermudadreieck" idea, development and 20 years of supervision of this legendary event photos >
Halloween at the "Bermudadreieck" idea and 13 years of organization photos >
St. Patrick´s Day paint the city green photos >
Aids campaign for more awareness with a 10m high Red Ribbon at the tower of the Ruprechtskirche photos >
Pressconference for Amnesty International voluntarily organized with free buffet  
Hot air balloon ride from Heldenplatz with unique panoramic view onto the inner city photos >
Large tent at the Morzinplatz in the year of remembrance a series of lectures by Erwin Ringel, Franz Vranitzky, Josef Haslinger, Milo Dor, amongst others video >
Taking care of refugees during the war in the Balkans, including children's party, food and accommodation  
Snowfeast promotional campaign in the city centre at 20 degrees Celcius video >
Imagine there was a referendum and nobody cared poster campaign for "Lichtermeer"  
"Aktion Mensch" commercial for humanity, in cooperation with GGK video >
"Light into Darkness" supported national TV charity campaign video >
Visual and educational art countless cultural events including readings, pantomimes, puppetry and exhibitions
And many other events  
Various social projects which we initiate, organize and supervise pro bono  
Title of "Kommerzialrat" awarded to Michael Feyer by the Prime Minister photos >
Silver Medal of Honour from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for the accomplishments in Vienna's economy photos >
Golden Decoration of Vienna's Chamber of Commerce for accomplishments in Viennese gastronomy  
Honorary Badge of the State Guild  
Honorary president of the IG district around the Ruprechtskirche